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Meet my family!

From my family to yours, we hope you are enjoying Organic. Dinner. Done. meals! Not yet?  No worries, purchase here! I’d like to introduce my family to you, my husband Michael and our 3 kids – my heart, my why, my motivation to be a better person every day. My husband supports and encourages me ALWAYS.  He loves me unconditionally and I love him more every year.  Heavy, I know, (haha) but 100% true.  My kids are energetic, joyful and loving.  They are my main “tasters” in the kitchen and sooo excited to help sample our food in stores.  My girls were able to learn a lot about food, at an early age, due to having severe food allergies.     ...

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YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. You work hard (even when no one notices). You keep trying (even when you're not immediately rewarded) You love your family unconditionally (even when you don't feel appreciated).  YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. AND YOU DESERVE GOOD FOOD! Healthy Food to THRIVE and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.  PURCHASE GOOD FOOD HERE. Have a great weekend. Love, Laura P.S. If you haven't already, check out our Organic Pasta and Quinoa Meals here!   

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Why I Started "All Clean Food"

My name is Laura, Co-founder & CEO at All Clean Food.  I created these recipes in my kitchen because I could not find a single Organic, Clean-Ingredient Meal to keep in my pantry.  All Clean Food is Real Food! FREE FROM: additives, preservatives chemicals & the top 14 allergens!   From my family's table to yours… The First Clean-Label Boxed Meals on the Market!  Organic. Dinner. Done. Fast, easy-to-make, healthy Pasta & Quinoa meals for ALL around your table. LEARN MORE HERE! Enjoy Healthy Simplicity! Love, Laura

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