With our high-quality, clean ingredients, All Clean Food is healthy comfort food at its finest.
And because every product is free from the top 14 allergens, our meals can be enjoyed by ALL.
From my family's table to yours, enjoy!

All Clean Food 


My family experienced a true transformation after we moved to a clean eating lifestyle to support our children’s food allergies. We went from “surviving” through sleepless nights, skin and stomach issues, and mood/emotional issues to “thriving” with energy, clarity and a new sense of purpose. It was a true game changer for all of us and I experienced first hand the critical role nutrition has in our well-being at all ages.

I have also had the honor of supporting others as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 10 years, only recently closing my practice to pursue my passions as a food entrepreneur. During my time as a therapist, it became very clear to me that those who were willing to address their diet as a part of their treatment plan improved immensely, often not needing long-term therapy. After all, we need "real food for the good mood."

I have witnessed the healing power of food and I want everyone to experience this. I am honored to provide a product to make eating well easier for ALL.

Fueled by a deep passion for good food and health, I made it my mission to make eating well easier for ALL. This means, in addition to tasting absolutely delicious, our meals are (and always be) made with REAL INGREDIENTS only. No fillers, artificial ingredients, dyes or yuck. That’s my promise – to each of you.



Hi, I'm Laura, CEO & Co-founder of All Clean Food. I created each of the recipes we offer in my kitchen because I could not find a single organic, clean-Ingredient meal to keep in my pantry – especially one that would work for my kids' allergies.

I have three kids I absolutely adore (ages 11, 9, and 6). I love to cook, sing, watch musicals, read, run, do yoga, and meditate. As an introvert, I love to have time for myself! I value family, faith, health, and showing kindness to ALL.

What is your go-to flavor?

Porcini Mushroom 

How do you enjoy All Clean Food?

I love making it for a quick dinner and adding in whatever leftover veggies we have in the fridge. I especially love adding mushrooms and asparagus to the Porcini Mushroom!

What do you like most about All Clean Food?

I love that we are making life easier for busy people and making it easier to eat well and feel well.

Employee portrait of Jenn Mahlik



Jenn has over 16 years of experience in the marketing, social and community, and also brings a personal and professional passion of health and wellness to All Clean Food. As a mama of 2 young girls, Jenn is also extra passionate about clean, easy food options being accessible to families around the world. Jenn and her family reside in a suburb of Minneapolis and in her free time, she can be found taking their sheepadoodle on a walk, binge watching a show on Netflix or volunteering at her daughters' school. 

What is your go-to flavor?

Creamy Garlic

How do you enjoy All Clean Food?

Our family loves adding organic chicken breast or sausage, broccoli and mushrooms to the Creamy Garlic pasta. So good! 

What do you like most about All Clean Food?

I love that I can serve my girls a clean, simple and dairy-free meal in 15 minutes or less. It's a total lifesaver for busy school nights! 

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Hi, I'm Kjerstin (pronounced K-e-e-r-s-t-i-n, which is contrary to the Ka-j-erstin I am often called when telemarketers call) :)I have a passion for sales and retail and have worked in corporate retail for over 10 years in an array of roles such as sourcing, merchandise presentation and merchandise project management.  I also have a pretty fun side hustle running my own Home Organizing business. I am married to Jesse and have 2 kids (4 and 7) and a dog, and we love spending time outdoors, whether its going for a bike ride, swimming in the lake, playing a game of pickleball or exploring our National Parks. 

What is your go-to flavor?

Porcini Mushroom

How do you enjoy All Clean Food?

I have never been one to enjoy grocery shopping, meal planning or cooking, so I love the simplicity of the meals and the quick cleanup; I can quickly make the pasta, throw in some frozen chicken and veggies, and have dinner ready to go for our busy family so that we can spend more time together doing the things we love.

What do you like most about All Clean Food?

What I love so much about All Clean Food is that their pasta meals make my life so easy!

Temporary visual of Broccoli in place of employee portrait.



Karyn has worked as a Sales Manager for GT’s Kombucha, So Good So You and Harmless Harvest, producing strong results and nurturing genuine relationships in the food community. Karyn is also a married Mom of two young boys.


All Clean Food 6-pack of penne pasta.
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6-Pack of Rotini Pasta
Overhead view of Rotini Pasta spilling out of the box with fresh ingredients nearby
6 pack of pasta meals
6-pack of porcini mushroom pasta
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6-pack of taco pasta
close up view of taco pasta with meat and garnishes added
6-pack of creamy mac pasta
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