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Laura Meemken, CEO & Co-founder

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a Food Entrepreneur, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Natural Health Advocate and Clean Cooking Enthusiast!  I have been married to Michael, my love and main supporter, for ten years and we have three kids we absolutely adore.  I love to cook, sing, watch musicals, read, run, do yoga and meditate (ahhh...breathing). I value my family, faith and showing kindness to ALL.

Why I do what I do? 

 My family experienced a true transformation after we moved to a clean eating lifestyle to support our children’s food allergies.  We went from “surviving” through sleepless nights, skin and stomach issues and mood/emotional issues to “thriving” with energy, clarity and a new sense of purpose.   

I have also had the honor of supporting others as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 10 years, only recently closing my practice to pursue my passions as a food entrepreneur.  During my time as a therapist, it became very clear to me that those who were willing to address their diet as a part of their treatment plan, improved immensely, often not needing long-term therapy. After all we need "Real Food for the Good Mood."    

I have witnessed and experienced the healing power of FOOD and I want everyone to experience this!  I am honored to provide a product to make eating well, easier for ALL.

Love, Laura


John Moksnes, Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member

Hi, I’m John. I’m passionate about accessible organic food and nutrition so I helped create All Clean Food. We spent years developing recipes and sourcing the highest quality (100% organic!)  ingredients so that we’re confident that our pantry meals not only taste great (professional chef & picky-kid approved), but are better for your body and our beautiful planet earth. I am a food/beverage consultant based in MPLS, MN (shout-out North!). Outside of food (nom), I love the outdoors and spending my most precious moments with my family and friends.


Michael Meemken, Director of Sales

This is Michael.  Many know Michael as, “the nicest man you’ll ever meet.” He is described as an approachable leader and sales manager who takes genuine care of his customers.  Michael's background includes Sales and Installment of Audio/Video and Security Equipment, as well as management of Audio Video Teams at Marco, Inc.  Michael is married to Laura and father to their three little ones, who keep him on his toes (always)! Michael loves to fish, water ski and enjoy the outdoors with his family.  He is passionate about eating well for optimal energy.




Alli Sobaszek, Designer

Hello! I’m Alli, a Minneapolis based Independent Designer, Mama, and Wifey. My design shop is Pattern Mafia Studio.

 My career has run the gamut from print, packaging, branding, in-store merchandising, event design, product development, tradeshows, pattern design to pro bono work for great causes. A majority of my 10+ year design career has been designing with the end-consumer in mind, and it has been a pleasure to bring brands to life and to retail.

When not spending time at the lakes here in Minneapolis (frozen or thawed), or at brunch with my son, husband or friends, I’m either in the yoga studio or designing with coffee, and my laptop and sketchbook at my side. I absolutely love eating healthy and feel like our bodies thank us when we fill them with clean goodness.

 I am passionate and tenacious when it comes to design, and my favorite part of designing is creating carefully curated pieces for every one of my clients.


Our Food Story:


My children have food allergies and before we figured it out, and changed our diets, they were sick. My infant daughter, at the time, was oozing with eczema, didn’t sleep well (ever!), and was behind on her gross motor development. Our kids were sick often and my husband and I were worried and SO TIRED!

When we switched to a whole foods, plant-based diet (free from the children’s allergens), my infant daughter was a DIFFERENT BABY within 2 days! I couldn’t believe the transformation! She smiled more, started engaging with her world more, caught up on her developmental milestones and then hit other milestones, such as talking and toilet-training EARLY!

My husband and I were shocked at our own transformations as well! My former occasional days of doom/depressed mood – GONE! The anxiety I was experiencing at the time – GONE! My energy level, focus, motivation and SKIN – ALL IMPROVED! My husband lost weight without having to try! He was pumped! AND we’ve never turned back.

I have witnessed and experienced the healing power of FOOD and I want everyone to experience this! I am honored to provide a product to make eating well, easier for ALL.