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The Story of All Clean Food

Hi, I'm Laura, CEO & Co-founder at All Clean Food. 

I created these recipes in my kitchen because I could not find a single Organic, Clean-Ingredient Meal to keep in my pantry, especially one that would work for my kids' allergies.

Fueled by passion for good food and health, I made it my mission to make eating well easier for ALL. 

This means, in addition to tasting absolutely delicious, our meals will always be made from only REAL INGREDIENTS.  No junk, fillers, or artificial ingredients. 
With high quality, clean ingredients, All Clean Food is Healthy Comfort Food at its finest. 
Free from common allergens, our meals are enjoyed by ALL. From my family's table to yours…ORGANIC. DINNER. DONE

Fast, easy-to-make, healthy Pasta meals for ALL around your table.

Enjoy Healthy Simplicity!

Love, Laura